Examination dates

Exam codeSpecialtyExam DateLocationOnline Registration/ Application & Payment Deadline
786Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery Section 204/11/2018Sheffield07/06/2018
790Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery Section 107/11/2018CBT23/08/2018
800Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery Section 203/02/2019Dublin15/11/2018
803Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery Section 105/02/2019CBT08/11/2018
809Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery Section 228/04/2019Ipswich14/02/2019
830Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery Section 203/11/2019Wigan06/06/2019

Apply early and expect possible delays.Sometimes if you apply late you may be asked to defer the exam to the next sitting as too many applicants may have applied.Make sure you have a fighting chance of passing the exam.

If you are a trainee try to discuss your  exam application with your Programme Director a few weeks beforehand to make sure he/she is ok about you entering.If there are major worries about whether you would get through most TPG(T+Orth) would prefer you to delay as it may bring down the Dearnery’s pass rate.This can sometimes be used as a measure of the quality of a training programme.The TPD(T+Orth) may have records of your mock clinical/viva exam score if they are held by the Dearnery and have a good idea if your knowledge,skills and experience are of a sufficient standard to stand a reasonable chance of passing.Some TPD(Tr+Orth) may be stricter than others so it pays to plan ahead and talk to them beforehand.

Exam venue for Section 2-does it really matter?

Conventional wisdom would suggest that it really is taking things a bit too far preparing for the exam with the specific venue in mind.
The cases will be the same more or less regardless of where you will be examined and depend more on what patients agree to appear for the exam rather than anything else. Some venues in the past had an excellent variety of clinical cases whilst sometimes the cases were of poorer clinical content.

That was our viewpoint but this has been challenged by a number of recently successful candidates. They felt if the venue was associated with particular areas of expertise then it was worth  spending additional time reading around these areas.

For example if the hospital has a regional interest in orthopaedic oncological tumours then spending a bit more time mugging up this area may pay handsome dividends in the exam.If there is a large nearby tertiary paediatric hospital expect to see more children cases in the clinicals.
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