Postgraduate Orthopaedics 2E Viva Guide to the FRCS(Tr & Orth) exam

The first edition is now over 5 years old.  It has stood the test of time and is still very popular with trainees.  As mentioned in a recent review by a trainee “it is surprising how many topics in the book still regularly appear in the exam and is definitely worth buying for the exam”

Some chapters however have definitely fared better than others and so we have been working hard to update, expand and improve the viva book.  We are hoping to get final delivery of chapters by authors by the end of Oct and deadline delivery to Cambridge University Press by the end of the year.

Some of the material is really very good which you will not find anywhere else, especially the basic science material. The difficulty with updating the viva book is that in the subsequent 5 years since we published our first edition there has been lots of additional viva books released. The market is starting to get saturated and we have to be able to move the Postgraduate Orthopaedic viva book forwards and offer something different.

We have been concentrating on higher order thinking and judgement skills rather than rote learned or bullet point text. This is the approach which will score candidates high marks in the exams.

We have approached a number of professional medical artists in order to improve the quality of our diagrams.

Rather than completely rewriting a chapter we have updated the core viva topic questions already written in the first edition with more detail. We tried various different approaches but think this method works best.

Any questions that have dated and are unlikely to be irrelevant have been ditched.

Any glaring obvious A list topics that had been forgotten about such as cauda equina syndrome or initial management of spinal trauma have been written from scratch.

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