Third 6 day intensive FRCS(Tr&Orth) Revision Course Jan 2016

The lecture programme was very intense with early starts at 7am and late finishes at 9pm.We had responded to previous candidate feedback from the last 2 years requesting a full on intensive revision course . Informal feedback with some candidates suggested a slight tweaking of the balance back was needed. Whilst realising that candidates want to cram in as much info as possible next year a start at 7.30am and finish at 8pm may allow the audience to more fully engage in the lecture programme without losing focus and attention

A reoccurring theme again throughout the 4 day lecture programme was positive feedback that the lecturers spent time explaining difficult topics rather than attempting to cover every fact at break neck speed.

The viva and clinical days again went very well with overwhelmingly positive feedback. The clinical day was by and large another big improvement on last year. It was well organised and ran smother

The course was assessed by the RCSEng quality assurance and accreditation team and the RCSEng Council approved accreditation for 3 years


  • Whole day was very productive. Seamless
  • Very productive enjoyable experience
  • Audiovisuals, presentations were brilliant
  • Soft tissue knee 2nd lecture was comprehensive, well thought out and organized. It will be a big help to candidates preparing for their exams and clinical practice
  • The delivery of Basic science by RW was absolutely outstanding. I have gained a much better intuitive understanding of the subject. Thank you
  • Superb basic science sessions
  • Catering was excellent. Implant spots! - Very good
  • Great course. I will recommend to all of my friends who want to take the FRCS exam. Well done to everybody
  • Good critical feedback on viva technique. Good cases. Thank you very much. Good organisation, good food and comfortable chairs.
  • Very good practice for the viva. Very good work by all the faculty
  • Good but very tired at the end of the day
  • Well organized. Useful feedback and great help in exam preparation
  • Excellent organisation and design of stations
  • Excellent course
  • Very well run. Excellent faculty
  • Excellent course. Thank you very much. Brachial plexus examination technique excellent
  • Fantastic course. Great preparation and cases
  • Very good course
  • Fantastic course. Thank you. Best course I have been on
  • Excellent mix of patients. Lots of patients to see.
  • Very well organized. Very productive. Good mix of cases. Both learning and exam points of view
  • Brilliant patients. Examiners really helpful, knowledgeable and guided us where appropriate
  • Great course. Very well organized. Would recommend
  • Fantastic 2 days. Exceptional course and cases. Highly recommended
  • Examination lectures were good!
  • Overall very good and productive day
  • Well organised. Good learning experience. Good patients with wide variety